MultiPodMotivator Interviews

MultiPodMotivator Interviews

Hello! I’m Gillian, promotional writer in Toronto. I’m a typical MultiPod/MultiPotentialite aka Scanner, Hummingbird, Polymath trying to strike a balance. While pursuing a lot of passions and interests and meeting life’s responsibilities.

Initially, I created to promote the businesses and hobbies of fellow MultiPods and MultiPotentialites I’ve met through The Putty Tribe. But I think EVERYONE can benefit from the enthusiasm and zeal of these MultiPods. Sharing stories about doing what they love!

Welcome to the MultiPodMotivator Interviews! A place where I get to indulge in my love of writing. Meet people with diverse interests. And, satisfy my curious nature. While, learning new things.

But first…

What’s a MultiPod/MultiPotentialite?


My multipotentiality researching pour paint techniques on YouTube after stumbling across Emilie Wapnick’s TED Talk “Why some of us don’t have one true calling!” I had asked myself the same question. While I had the freedom to settle to one thing, I just couldn’t for long. And, like most MultiPods, I felt there was something wrong with me. Everyone it seemed always knew what they wanted to do. I just wanted to do everything!
Starr Design

Emilie’s description of a MultiPod resonated with me immediately. “Finally!”, I exclaimed. Now I understood my innate need for variety. The intense passion at the start of every interest. Tackling everything as if I were David slaying Goliath. Feeling anxious when trying to choose which interest to pursue. Growing bored when the flames of a challenge lost their intensity. Ashamed at all the unfinished projects, I scrapped or abandoned. Only to begin the same cycle again from a place of isolation. But, I’m not alone. Since joining the Putty Tribe I’ve met like-minded people from all over the world and feel part of a community.

What can MultiPodMotivator Interviews do for you?

Meet MultiPods/MultiPotentialites! Highly diverse, creative and curious people from around the world. Persuing and juggling a variety of interests.

Vikki Coombes

Since September 2017, collaborating with MultiPods/Multipotentialites through The Putty Tribe has been a lot of fun. Vikki Coombes, Transformational and mBit Coach taught me about mBraining a new modality she has introduced into her Coaching practice in the UK that aligns the three brains – heart, head and gut.

While Nickita, a newly discovered MultiPod helps other MultiPods gain balance juggling their “passions projects” with tips about time management @ And, shining a light on Starr at StarrWDesigns who is saving the world one piece at a time by combining sand from her favourite beaches and repurposing broken jewellery into new creations.
Highly Rewarding Experience

Promoting the passions and business interests of my fellow Putty Tribe members. It’s also been a real treat to celebrate the wise words of Cellan Jay. And, Barbara Deutsch’s pithy little maxim “You Don’t Have to Know Everything!” that have become my touchstones throughout my life journey.

Hope you find reading about these revolutionary souls as delightful as I did writing about them! Cheers to people who remain true to themselves and strive to fulfill every facet of their lives! Looking forward to promoting your potential!


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