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Anette Stjärnhjärta at spoke on Friday, February 1st with (TCS), MultiPodMotivator’s (MPM) alias to launch its new look.

TCS is being revamped from a personal travel website into a community of medical practitioners and healing arts professionals one interview at a time.


The community’s purpose is to share stories about the struggle with depression and discuss different modalities and treatments with those that provide that care.

Unique Healing Skills

Anette agreed to be the first guest and promote her unique healing skills. Access Bars is one modality of 16 she is trained and wants everyone to learn. In fact, she encourages anyone to host an Access Bars session for free with your work colleagues, friends, and family.

But, in the meantime,

Have a listen to our conversation. We recorded it on MPM was going to edit it but it’s a natural exchange. And cutting it would have strangled the spontaneity.

Afterward, the conversation prompted MPM to reexamine her Ayahuasca experiences and herself in a new light. Anette understands energy as a healer, scientist, and human being. It’s those new perspectives that MPM values most from a good conversation.

Show Notes & Time codes

The Show Notes with time codes will help access any particular portion of the interview. I know you #MultiPods like to cut to the chase sometimes. Gleaning specific information relevant to a project or subject you are researching.

Listen all the way through

But, MPM hopes you’ll listen all the way through. Anette Stjarnhjarta is someone that benefits you just knowing of her healing skills. And is available to help you in a private treatment in Fredericksburg, Virginia and/or through the magic of the web.

“Thanks for listening!”, MPM.

Anette Stjarnhjarta Interview –

Show Notes
Audio Running Time: 63:39
00:00 – 01:19

Welcome to TravelCatScribe! Interview with Anette Stjarnhjarta.

01:20 – 01:43

At, Anette Stjarnhjarta has successfully weaved her Masters of Science of Chemistry from the Royal institute of Technology in Stockholm along with her professional experience science, and health in the healing arts. 

TCS “How does contraction create pain and illness in the body?”
01:43 – 06:18

One way to describe contraction in the body is when you lift a weight at the gym. But, stress is also a type of contraction that affects the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and excrete toxins. Built up toxins in the heart or stomach for example causes energy levels to be sluggish. 

Holistic approach

Anette applies a holistic approach encompassing the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of the client. But, she also examines thought patterns. What are you saying to yourself? Is it positive or negative? The difference in energy in thinking, ”Why is this happening to me?” has a more stressful impact on the body long term than saying, “What magic can I create today?”

Words need to match thoughts

People who are in a constant state of fright or flight are actually dumbed down. In the sense they cannot think clearly or process information effectively. The mind, body, spirit, and thoughts encompass energy and need to be released to avoid toxins turning into illness. 

06:18 – 08:48
TCS “How does cortisol production play into pain, illness and contraction in the body?”

Cortisol is a hormone that plays an integral part in helping the body to respond to stress, to regulate sugar levels in th blood and the immune response, so indirectly it contributes to rejuvenating the cells.

Cortisol is too high

However, if the cortisol is too high in the body it triggers the fright or flight response. This state is not good to be in all the time. Because, the stress mode needs to be reset to restore normal sleep patterns and allow the energy in the body to flow naturally. Blockages in energy can affect the heart, blood circulation, and level of nutrients needed for cell development.

08:48 – 12:49
16 modalities

Anette is trained in 16 different modalities including Energy Psychology and Shamanic healing. She is also a Licensed High-Performance Coach and Access Bars Facilitator.

Reads the energy

Anette follows and reads the energy from the body beginning with the symptom, and follows the energy until the body reveals the root cause of the energy blockage. She then, assesses whether her client needs some sort of  Energy Healing, or past life regression to deal with the trauma when it was originally created.

TCS “Is Access Bars something you would use to lower cortisol levels?”

Cortisol levels can be reduced using Access Bars, a non-invasive touch point therapy that quiets the mind and restores emotional balance. Pain and depression can be treated applying gentle pressure to 32 points on the scalp that represent each area of your life. The process is relaxing like your meditation practice or having a deep massage.

Tune into

Anette has the ability to tune into your energy either in person or over the internet. Her innate skill and experience can identify energy blockages in the body. She follows and reads the unique language of the energy from the body beginning with the symptom until it reveals the root cause of the energy blockage. Then, Anette assesses whether her client needs some sort of Energy Healing, or past life regression to deal with the trauma when it was originally created.

12:49 – 15:37
TCS “Along with Access Bars, do you use your energy to tap into your intuitive powers to figure out the blockages?” 
Access Bars

Anette can do Access Bars in person. But, communicating at a distance she would use another modality. Access Bars is effective in relieving pain. And, you can do it yourself! Anette combines modalities to suit what the patient requires.

For instance, Energy Psychology could be added to a cranial sacral treatment for a recurring migraine. But the body could ask for something else like clearing a trauma from a past life. Again, it’s all about what the body requires.

Set of Tools

Anette utilizes a set of tools customized for each client.  Each natural healing session combines science and the healing arts, to help alleviate stress and pain that can cause physical illness in the body. Access Bars creates deep relaxation and healing. 

15:37 – 24:13
TCS “How does your personal healing and training by a shamanic Maori healer show up in your work with your clients?”.
Natural Born Healer

Anette is a natural born and powerful healer. But didn’t realize at the time her healing touch would prevent a woman from undergoing heart surgery. She credits her innate gift and the knowledge and training from her shamanic Maori healer.

Spider Bite

But it was a deadly spider bite she received in New Zealand that would precipitate Anette’s journey. The bite on her left thigh was beginning to rot and the pain was excruciating.


Her knowledge of natural healing led her to seek out the help of a shamanic healer and a nurse she knew. But the Shaman said the bite was too serious. At the hospital, an inch of dead flesh was cut out. But then another spot developed next to the original wound. Anette knew of another Maori healer on the North Island who performed psychic surgery. But she also said the wound was too serious. Anette knew the healer saw her aura and death.

But the next day…

The Maori healer returned after being advised by her guide to help and teach Anette. However, the Maori healer wasn’t sure how to. But, the healer took her back through her past lives so Anette could come to terms with the way she had died. And through the process, both Anette’s guide and her vision of a Spider-woman, a native American healer told her to acknowledge her gift and to use it to heal people. And that’s how Anette stepped into her power!

24:13 – 27:51
TCS “Would you have pursued this path if you hadn’t been bitten by a deadly spider? Were you always involved in healing? Was this an experience that solidified your belief in your skills?”  

The intensity of the experience crystallized Anette’s path in the healing arts. She felt an intense calling and felt it chose her. Not the other way around! But her journey hasn’t been easy. When she went home to Sweden, she became discouraged that people weren’t receptive to her healing sessions even when she offered them for free.

Facing yourself

Self-esteem and facing yourself is something that can’t be bought at the grocery store. It takes a lot of work. Especially to a stranger that can help heal trauma. It’s a difficult journey to go down. Anette advises you choose someone you trust. A connection with your healer is important. Don’t put your body and spirit into the hands of someone that makes you feel uncomfortable.…dom-living-heart
Chacruna leaves and Ayahuasca vine brewing
27:51 – 29:36

TCS relates her ego death experience after consuming  Ayahuasca at SoulQuest Church in Orlando. TCS has been to many ceremonies but this one in particular stood out from the rest.  

Maestro Don Gaspar

Maestro Don Gaspar, a Peruvian shaman from Peru was the most powerful man she ever met. After the Ayahuasca ceremony he facilitated, TCS humbled herself at his feet. The most intense and profound feeling of connection with another human being! TCS felt accepted warts and all. The ego death was TravelCatScribe’s spider bite kicking her out of a funk and evaluating her life. TCS understands the intensity of powerful healers.
29:37- 31:30

TCS “What is it like to scan someone’s body with energy and for blockages? What does depression look like in the body when you are scanning?” 


Anette explained depression shows up in the body differently for everyone like snakes, scorpions or a dark cloud. Or Anette gets a picture of something meaningful to the client or deepest fear. Depression does not look the same for everyone 

Sri Lanka Sunrise
31:30 – 46:11
TravelCatScribe “Can it show up as fire?”

TCS was concerned after encountering stomach problems on return from a trip to Rajasthan, India. Thankfully, it wasn’t a parasite. But during an Ayahuasca, it was like TCS was vomiting fire as part of the purge. But it was only the medicine alerting TCS to the toll work stress and anxiety was having on her emotional health.

Letting go

etting go of programs we subscribe to literally on the internet. And the things we tell ourselves or rituals we undertake to improve our appearance should be deleted from our conscious and unconscious thought. TCS expressed her frustration with not being able to lose weight. Anette asked if TCS was willing to let her anxiety go by unsubscribing from a program that tried to define her? “Delete, delete, delete!”, Anette said.


Unsubscribing consciously and unconsciously from these notions we accept as “truth” is the first step. Instead, Anette says to create a clean slate. And, ask yourself what do you require? Satisfying that healthy need in dancing to your own rhythm is the key to understanding your unique energy.

Acceptance of self

Acceptance of self and embracing the innate and special energy that resides within us can be a lonely road. TCS has been on a quest to find balance in her life. But Anette said that balance to one person is something different to another. Resonating with like minded people creates a balance with people working within the same frequency.

Which led TCS to The Putty Tribe. The TED Talk Emile Wapnick gave on ‘Why some of us don’t have one true calling’ was a program TCS could subscribe to. One that spoke to her multiple interests and talents that makes MutliPods stand out in a crowd. 

46:11 – 56.32
Unique practitioner

Anette is a unique practitioner combining her scientific training and skills in the healing arts with her studies in quantum mechanics/physics and, cell biology. 

TCS “Can you explain the magic you experience when you become space?” 

Activities in unseen particles continue but appear as empty spaces. So in the context of healing pain in the body the particle vibrates in harmonious balance according to the original blue print, DNA. 


TCS “So how do you access the magic or that creative space?” 

Intuitive Flash

Anette calls it basic intuitive flash and it occurs when we are totally relaxed. The magic or creative space is located in the middle of the brain. And the best way to access this part of the brain is to let go of the physical brain and accept the “metaphorical mind” to have those intuitive insights. It can be done by opening the space where you can see the unseen. 

TCS “Would that would be your third eye?” 

Anette said, “Behind the third eye but not the gland.” Einstein was very aware of it. He said the mind should be a slave to the metaphorical mind, as well as the intuitive flash. It’s a space for inspiration and a gateway to connecting with the universe to access its wealth of information and creative insight. 

56:58 – 61:43
Never been science minded

TCS she had never been science-minded until she discovered Ayahuasca. And, after participating in over 14 Ayahuasca ceremonies TCS has opened her mind to learning about science, technology, space and the universe. 


TCS “If people are sceptical about this kind of work. Because they are afraid of putting themselves out there and being vulnerable to tapping into their problems or traumas. What could you say to allay their fears of going through this process of opening up the door to come and see you and receive positive healing?”

Long term pain

Anette said you have a choice to suffer long term pain or short term pain to gain joy and pleasure. One of her shamanic teachers reminded her that the short term was better than the life long pain she has experienced. Today, she knows the true meaning of living a joyful life.

Walking this healing journey

TCS said people were afraid to walk this healing journey. Even though we all instinctively knew of the unresolved pain and/or trauma buried within ourselves.


But, TCS speculated that people were more afraid of healing than the pain. Because they didn’t know what joy and happiness looked like on the other side of misery. Anette concurred and said we are afraid of the unknown. She said as children we loved the unknown. But somehow as adults, we all got fearful. TCS resolved to use better manage her energy and power to harness the same creative inspiration she remembers feeling as a child.

61:43 – 63:39
Thank you for listening!

Contact Anette Stjarnhjarta for a session that one client described as an “energy transforming session on steroids.”


Join again for another great conversation! Building a community one interview at a time. And, offering a place to discuss our collective struggle with depression. And sharing, information about remedies and modalities to help people suffer less. And, to remember to ask ourselves everyday first what we require?


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  1. Gillian has a natural talent for writing & interviewing people. Painting with words so it make sense. I was blessed to be interviewed by her and share my gifts to the world. I feel truly blessed. I love the fact that she, TravelCatScribe have created a space where she let people be inspired to new possibilities in how to go about their health issues. Specially mental health issues causing so unnecessary suffering.
    If you are an empath you probably have picked someone else thoughts and feelings. And if that is the case you can easily change that. And I love to teach you how.

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