What it means to be a MultiPod! My Tribe!

What it means to be a MultiPod! My Tribe!

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”, my Dad asked one evening.“Singer, cupcake maker, writer, dancer, and an adventurer!”,I blurted out all at once.“That’s a lot of jobs!”, he said patting me on the head. “You’re not going to have enough time to do all that!”, he said shaking out his newspaper. “Pick one!”, he added raising the newsprint like a curtain.“One?”, I said sadly to the paper wall between us. “Choose a job. Stick to it!”,he said letting a corner of the paper fold. “You can do all your little hobbies when you retire with your husband!”, he said rattling the paper and barricading himself. “Retire?”, I said puzzled. He ignored me. Whatever it was, it sounded like I would be waiting along time to do anything. What about the time in between? And husband? That sounded like a loss of freedom right there. Back then, girls sat around watching and cheering the boys on while they did the fun stuff. “Why couldn’t I do all those things?”

That was 45 years ago. And I’m so glad I didn’t listen to his limited thinking. If I had I would have done very little with my life. He was like many people in those days. Following the status quo of collecting the gold watch at the end of 25 years of service. Sadly, Dad didn’t make it to retirement. And, until his death he would continue to tell me I was flighty for travelling to Spain on a ski holiday. Or question the contract positions I took to gain experience in the highly competitive field of Public Relations and Promotions. But I persevered and appreciated my resourcefulness in building an employment portfolio. And, steered my ship without a fixed course to any destination I chose. My intuition became my compass. However, my Dad’s early passing cemented my fortitude in living my life exploring my passions and interests.

Until about four years ago, when I fell into a rut. Call it the start of an “Awakening”. A Midlife Crisis? But, deep down I knew I had deviated from the road less travelled. I was bobbing on the water without a gale to stir the sails. My joie de vivre was lost. “Where did that girl go?”,I questioned myself. I was horrified I had found myself on a well worn road walking with the status quo. My ship had landed on the rocks in a place where my spirit wasn’t thriving. I was becoming toxic from the environment and people I was associating. I wasn’t thriving. Frustrated at my own stagnation. I knew I needed to get myself back in line with my true purpose of living with curiosity. The girl I used to be. My desire to find my way back to my true essence was lit.

At the time, I didn’t know travelling to Peru for my 50th birthday was the start of a spiritual journey. It began in the jungle where I marvelled at the wildlife and drank a small dose of Ayahuasca prepared by a shaman. I had heard of the plant medicine consumed for thousands of years by South American indigenous tribes. The nasty tasting brew has helped countless people heal from trauma and addictions. It was like Buckley’s cough syrup. It tasted awful. But it worked! And boy did it ever.

Within the last year, I have consumed Ayahuasca in three separate ceremonies in Orlando, Florida at SoulQuest Church. Ayahuasca has helped me deal with depression and the shame of deviating from the twisting and winding road I prefer to travel. It’s also helped me treat my abuse of alcohol. And, stripped away the false stories thick as jungle vines I believed about myself. Shedding the labels and fables I have let people place upon me. Dealing with these personal storms has been challenging at times but have been wholly rewarding. Ayahuasca has reset my internal mechanics revealing incredible insights and a connection with a higher power. Ayahuasca has aligned me with my true essence and put me in touch with the girl I used to be.

And that true essence I’ve discovered stems from being a MultiPod. Until two months ago I hadn’t heard of the term MultiPod or MultiPotentialite. But, researching pour painting techniques led me to Emilie Wapnick’s TED Talk, “Why some of us don’t find our true calling!”. I had also asked myself the same question. While I had the freedom to settle to one thing, I just couldn’t for long. I had always been made to feel like there was something wrong with me. Everyone it seemed always knew what they wanted to do. I knew I just wanted to do everything! And set, at times unrealistic goals setting myself up for failure.

But, realizing I’m a MultiPod has helped me put everything into perspective by clearing clutter personally and professionally and cutting ties with toxic people. Emilie describing the behavioural pattern of a MultiPod resonated with me. I sat gobsmacked at my computer screen. The pieces of the puzzle came together. “Finally!”, I exclaimed. Now I understood my innate need for variety. The intense passion at the start of every interest. Tackling everything as if I were David slaying Goliath. Feeling anxiety in trying to choose which interest to pursue. Growing bored when the flames of a challenge lost their intensity. Ashamed at all the unfinished projects, I scrapped or abandoned. Only to begin again the same cycle spinning me into a place of isolation.

But I’m not alone as a MultiPod! Emilie, founded The Putty Tribe to bring MultiPods/MultiPotentialites together worldwide to network within an online community. An emerging social movement of highly creative people sharing their wide range of interests mixing in forums and huddles to offer support and expertise when members feel stymied with a project. Discovering The Putty Tribe has been like uncovering the famed Library of Alexandria. I feel a kinship with these strangers. And in working with MultiPods in the last 2 months, I’ve discovered the joy of real collaboration. It’s been refreshing to work with like minded people who listen to your points of view and then incorporate them into their work or not. It just feels good to be heard. The Tribe has inspired me to create multipodmotivator.com to promote other MultiPods and their interests. I am no longer floating around in the ocean in my mind looking for my tribe. I finally found them!

So! What does it me to be a MultiPod? Finding my Tribe! It’s funny. Most of my horoscopes lately have been about redefining what home means to me. I thought these messages were inferring I would be on the hunt for a new apartment. Ugh! I hoped not! But now after analyzing them, I know that it’s having support from a group of people that understands your frustrations and the pressure you can put upon yourself to realize every passion. Reconnecting with myself through Ayahuasca and membership with The Putty Tribe has enabled me to accept myself! Now I am in a comfortable place. I examine the treasure map of opportunities I pursued and the adventures I have experienced. I value my ability to have read the changing economic landscapes. And the good sense to diversify my skill set to create multiple income streams to pay for my passions and travel. I forgive myself for being blown off course with people and situations as distractions. But thrilled I have a place in The Putty Tribe to touch base when I cast off to parts unknown. Exploring the world near and far with a curious, childlike spirit. Home truths I found in Emilie’s TED Talk and The Putty Tribe.


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