Celeste Headlee: How to have a better conversation!

Celeste Headlee in her TED Talk 10 ways to have a better conversation spots the common mistakes we make conversing with colleagues, friends, and family. Headlee paraphrasing Buddha says know one ever learned anything from keeping their mouth open. Listening to another person is our greatest teacher and a skill vastly underdeveloped.

Headlee, host of “On Second Thought” at GPB, public speaker, and author of “Heard Mentality: An A-Z Guide to Taking Your Podcast or Radio Show from Idea to Hit” says people tend to use conversations as an opportunity to promote themselves, one up and compete. Headlee believes people have fallen into a familiar pattern of talking on centre stage to relieve themselves of the burden of listening to someone else. But she feels everyone is an expert in something and actively listening allows us to learn about ourselves. Headlee’s TED Talk is a wonderful find to hone my interview skills as I prepare to write more tales of fellow members of The Putty Tribe and other fascinating people.

Requests for interviews have been emailed to:

Laurie in Oregon whose band Palante fires up hot and spicy latin jazz!

RitaJC in Latvia a blogger and writer preparing final edits of her book.

Samora Smallwood, a Canadian actor whose setting her sights on working in Hollywood.

So, while I hope these ladies will respond to my offer of being featured on MultiPodMotivator, I continue to work on a story about Ayahuasca*, a South American plant medicine and Tina (Kat) Courtney, a Shamanic and AfterLife Coach. It’s an opportunity to highlight a person who has helped me integrate my Ayahuasca experiences into daily living and educate people about its health benefits.

I created MultiPodMotivator to write about people who are living life to the fullest and promote their interests and passions. And, although I mostly conduct interviews via email, Celeste Hadlee’s 10 ways to have a better conversation will help me achieve my goal of capturing a person’s unique essence by tuning my ear to being a better listener.

Have a great day!


  • Disclaimer: Ayahuasca is illegal in most countries. However, Ayahuasca is legally consumed in Quebec (Canada), Colorado and Florida in the US as a religious sacrament. MultiPodMotivator recommends you research any medical treatment modality and consult with a physician before consuming. MultiPodMotivator reserves the right to express her own views and experiences but advocates you do what is right for you and your health.)

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