Katy-Rose, Strategic Motivator and Life Redefiner

Katy-Rose, Strategic Motivator and Life Redefiner at mapyourpotential has 4 Steps to help you Break Free of Mental Exhaustion. Skills to manage your doubts, frustration and fatigue. So you can wake up with a determined smile instead of a grimace.


MPM spoke with Katy-Rose about the 4 Steps. And how a yoga inspired brain training dance called Shiva Nata helps her clients tackle the toxic trio of overwhelm, fatigue, and anxiety. Shiva Nata, a universal yoga that has the power to unlock your potential and ignite the “inner fire” that you were “meant-for-more.”

Shiva Nata


MPM “How can Shiva Nata help alleviate mental exhaustion?”

“Shiva Nata is a practise I used to teach, and wanted to study as part of my MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience.” Each set of arm and leg movements follow a different pattern at each level of practise. Moving your left arm and leg from position 1 to 2, works the muscles and fires the aspect of your brain that control those limbs.

ABility to multi task

These repeated patterns encourage neurons to grow in your brain. “Once that pattern becomes easy, change it up, and that will cause more growth and strengthen pathways. Especially in the corpus callosum: the wall of wires that connects your left and right hemispheres together. The outcome of this? Improved ability to multi-task and learn new things.” KR

Active Brain Connections

Katy-Rose in her Shiva Nata practise moves from level to level making active brain connections that spark new ideas, motivations,  possibilities, potentialities, and options to learn and further grow. “For me, this keeps me energized rather than sluggish when faced with one specific project.” Shiva Nata and other forms of physical movement help reduce body fatigue and contributes to a positive outlook.



MPM “How would a MultiPod benefit from practicing Shiva Nata?”

“A mind-body practise will benefit anyone who has unlinked ideas they want to connect, or habits they want to affect. Anything that improves our ability to use our brain and body together, including physical movement that helps reduce body fatigue and contributes to good mental health.” KR

5 Minute Practice

Katy-Rose does a 5-minute practise when she’s stuck; staring at the screen of a blog post frustrated with a problem. “Giving my brain the space to make some connections while I focus on numbers and arm movements leads to a gentle whispering of, oh, what about this?” KR



MPM “What did you want to be when you grew up?”

Pulled to teach

“Beyond the five-year-old-wish-of-becoming-a-vet, or the six-year-old-wish-of-being-a-horse, I’ve always been pulled to teach.” KR

But, Katy-Rose didn’t want to be a Math teacher. She believed that a Math teacher’s calling is to inspire students to solve problems not just teach, guide or mentor. And as time passed, she became interested in teaching life skills, emotional resilience and intuitive connecting.

Secret Powers

Secret powers she says all humans possess. However, these emotional wellbeing skills are left out of the traditional school curriculum. Katy-Rose feels there would be fewer mental health problems if one or all of these theories were taught in school.

MPM “What jobs did you do in the past?

Katy-Rose has been employed in the creative and helping industries since she left school. She cleaned flats, guided student tours, worked in a psychiatric hospital, co-facilitated Anger Management courses, was a youth mental health conference speaker, led meditation and family support classes, ran domestic abuse group sessions, guided patients through cognitive behavioural therapy via phone, taught Shiva Nata, was a life and resilience building coach and, worked with youth offenders.

And, outside of her day-job, she studies neuroscience, psychology, quantum physics and German. She writes fantasy novels and loves Maths. “And I always feel like there’s more I could be doing; more topics I could include in my life.” KR

MPM “How did you become a member of The Putty Tribe?”

“I followed the Puttylike blog, and wanted to get back into a forum space because I missed the discussion of people outside of my 9-5 job colleagues and my family. So I joined as a way of growing, a little bit like accessing my own life coaching through others experience. I think stories are the most powerful skill humans have, and I am always learning from other’s stories. The Putty Tribe seemed like it would have very useful stories to hear.” KRhttps://wp.me/p9gX42-l8

MPM “Was there a particular topic, story or phrase Emilie said on her TED Talk ‘Why some of us don’t have one true calling’ that resonated with you?

“I feel like I am probably the only person in the forum who has not seen Emilie’s TED talk.” KR

However, she does think to some extent people have one or two core callings. “But they are more like a broad value than a specific footpath.” The calling in Katy- Rose’s eyes is the belief, the value, and the Big Why we are here? “And that tends not to change: only the roles we take may shift.” KR


She further explained that her callings are all about resilience and self-belief. But, callings are not only about doing something or being something. Tapping into your emotions and following your intuition are also callings. One day, you could be compelled to write a story and then the next day be angry about something that upset you. Listening to our ‘inner voice’ helps us figure out the bumps in the road. It’s also an opportunity for personal growth. “Don’t ignore it, that’s a superpower.” KR

MPM “What does it mean to you to be a MultiPod?”

Katy-Rose doesn’t use the term MultiPod. It was obvious to her, she had more than one interest or love. “I am interested in birds of prey and quantum mechanics, I write and dance, I want to be healthy and help people… for me, I’ve never questioned why I would have multiple life experiences that I want to prioritise.


I didn’t question it until I found The Putty Tribe and discovered it was a struggle for so many people. I’m a human being with decades of experience of life, of course as I learn and grow, my interests will only grow and add. I don’t stop liking one thing because I discover a new one.” KR

https://wp.me/p9gX42-l8MPM “If you required a coach to assist you with planning and executing your projects, how could they assist you?”

“I am a life coach and have my own life coach.” Katy-Rose said she doesn’t struggle with executing projects. But appreciates someone reminding her to connect with her intuitive nudges more. “I am productive and a natural planner, so the spontaneity is the bits I don’t tend to follow. I love to plan, set deadlines and work towards them.” KR

Inner fire

Discovering her inner fire and adapting her resilience skills keeps her mentally energized. Sometimes Katy-Rose struggles maintaining a balanced personal and professional life. “So coaching for me is about listening to the bits beneath the plans, the nuances as the plan needs to shift. That’s what I’m growing right now.” KR

MPM “Is there a piece of music that keeps you motivated and feeling hopeful about your life and passions?”

“Violin music has something magical for me. I can’t explain why, I don’t know what it is, but violin music almost takes me on a journey away from reality, and tells a story of emotions I could never fathom in any other way. I listen to a lot of upbeat instrumental music, like the symphonic pieces by Two Steps From Hell.” KR

https://wp.me/p9gX42-l8MPM “How do you build resilience within yourself?”

“There are so many, but the easiest way is to connect with others in some way, be active, and express yourself creatively. Anything expressive is crucial to helping us feel in control and in our true power, so that we can handle the difficult things life throws at us. We are all more capable than we realise. We just need the tools to access that capability.” KR


Contact mapyourpotential today for a free copy of 4 Steps to Break Free of Mental Exhaustion.

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