Kiki! One small step. One big impact!

 Kiki! One small step. One big impact!

Kiki (Nkiruka Nwasokwa) doesn’t use traditional coaching techniques in her Bootstrap to Breakthrough program. What she does is “help people uncover the smallest step that has the biggest impact on their day and experience.”

Kiki‘s extraordinary experiments

She achieves this by inviting people to engage in a sequence of extraordinary experiments or games in her 2-part program, Bootstrap to Breakthrough. Part 1 is free and consists of two experiments: IKBIHB and the Buffet. “They are designed to create from day one a seemingly magical domino effect in a person’s life by helping them to discover what’s possible (IKBIHB), and to shift the way their day goes (Buffet)”, she explained. Bootstrap to Breakthrough works for people who feel stuck or unhappy in their 9 to 5 lives.

“Oddly enough, it’s often one small thing or one small shift in thinking… that changes everything. I call this the magic domino effect. Once someone tips it over, it starts an incredible chain of events and realizations in their life that begin to gather momentum on its own”, Kiki said. And the first domino that’s tipped over is different for every person. “Almost like a DNA signature. And this domino is often hidden in plain sight. So simple most people may not notice and leverage it. Even though they probably encounter it in some way every day”, she added.

Transformation happens faster than you think

From experience and the results she sees with her clients, Kiki knows transformation can happen faster than we think. In a matter of days. Or even hours. And this is the inspiration for the name of her program, Bootstrap to Breakthrough. Bootstrap finds the smallest steps forward and Breakthrough leads to amazing results, Kiki said.

After completing Part 1, anyone who experienced meaningful results is welcome to move to Part 2 of Bootstrap to Breakthrough, a 4 week adventure sequence that picks up where Part 1 leaves off. The next adventure is scheduled to launch Monday, August 20, 2018.

“What did you want to be when you grew up?” MPM

“An “Everythingologist”! An artist, a writer, a gemologist, an architect… a theoretical physicist…and I also knew I wanted to do something big that would have a positive impact for a large number of people”, Kiki said.

“What interests do you remember being passionate about when you were young?” MPM

“I remember being passionate about anything creative: writing and art especially. I loved words. I loved colors, and really cool ideas”, she said.

“What jobs did you do in the past?” MPM

Kiki smiled, “I worked in advertising inspired by a longheld interest that I got from watching Darren Stevens in reruns of the TV show, Bewitched. Prior to that, I worked for a year as an Assistant Project Manager at a small web development company.”

“Was there a particular topic, story or phrase Emilie Wapnick said on her TED Talk, ‘Why some of us don’t have one true calling’ that resonated with you?” MPM

“Yes! Emilie’s insight that the question, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ inherently limits possibilities.” Emilie stated: ‘While this question inspires kids to dream about what they could be, it does not inspire them to dream about all that they  could be.’ “I thought this was brilliant”, Kiki said. “And it made me wonder whether there may actually be more multipotentialites than we realize, but we don’t see them because they’ve narrowed their interests to just one thing”, she said sadly.

And the moment in the TED Talk when Emilie declared, ‘There’s nothing wrong with you. What you are is a MultiPotentialite‘, resonated with Kiki. “I am always moved by the incredible love and compassion in these words. And I can feel the relief of the person who may be hearing them for the very first time. As though they’re coming home”, Kiki said.

“What circumstances led you to becoming a member of The Putty Tribe?” MPM

“Advertising quickly (within 1-2 years) became a not-quite ‘good enough’ job or “Einstein job” as Emilie puts it. I had grown very unhappy in advertising but wasn’t sure how to find work I would enjoy that would reflect my talents and desires”, Kiki said.

She had heard of the Putty Tribe but had never signed up. It was only until she had a complimentary coaching session with the founder of who suggested she join. Now, Kiki has found a community of likeminded people for support and inspiration in The Putty Tribe.

“Is there an interest or job you haven’t pursued but would like to?” MPM

“I would like to do more substantial Information Design/Idea Visualization work. Creating diagrams of abstract concepts to help companies share their ideas with their customers, investors, or internal teams.”

When in Rome….

“Can you share one coaching technique you use to get your client’s motivated?” MPM

Kiki made the decision to become a collaborator to help her clients create what they desire most. “I don’t believe in coaching in the sense of ‘motivating’ or ‘trying to inspire’ or ‘fixing a problem’. I only believe in collaborating on really big, exciting things. So”, Kiki said with a smile. “I don’t have coaching conversations. I have Adventure Conversations.”

“What does it mean to you to be a MultiPod?” MPM

“It means truly accepting and honoring the fact that I really do have multiple interests. I really DO love writing… and math…and art. I really DO love coaching. I really DO love information design”, she said.

“If you required a coach to assist you with planning and executing your projects, how could they assist you?” MPM

“Hmmm. I suppose by helping me make peace with the way I’ve prioritized my projects/areas of interest in my life, and with my timeline for completing them. Or eventually completing them,” she said.

Kiki continues to work on reframing the way she looks at the notion of progress: Redefining the idea of ‘delayed’ to ‘consciously deciding to focus elsewhere for now. And redefining ‘failed’ to ‘paused’.”The biggest challenge I’ve faced and coach myself on is how not to beat myself up for the things I’m NOT doing or doing fast enough”, she said.

“Is there a piece of music that keeps you motivated and feeling hopeful about your life and passions?” MPM

Transit by Colossus. For me, it’s the sound of things taking off and shifting into magical gear,” Kiki grins.

Join Kiki (Nkiruka Nwasokwa) Monday, August 20th, 2018 as she launches Part 2 of her Bootstrap to Breakthrough program. Designed to create a quantum shift in people stifled by the status quo in the 9 to 5 world. Kiki helps people make one small step to make one big impact! Often in a matter of days.

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