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Mike Mulcey’s Alt-Nomad About Us Page begins with the words ‘We need to be travelling.’ 

That’s an innate need MultiPodMotivator (MPM) understands. Her curiosity and desire to explore has led MPM to some pretty cool places. Soaking in the atmosphere of destinations near and far. And, MPM is at a point in her life where she longs to travel more. And, most of all create opportunities to work remotely.

Rotating Strikes

However, MPM’s place of work aka The Asylum has been involved in contract negotiations for over a year without success. Rotating strikes and picket lines rolled across Canada from St John’s to Vancouver over four weeks in the Fall. Legislating employees back to work was the government’s quick fix solution to end the labour disruption. Skirting the right to fair collective bargaining. It’s 2019 and we are still without a contract.

Writing on the Wall

And after many mediators, both parties – union and management maintain an adversarial relationship. However, MPM has seen the writing on the wall beyond the new year. She’s concerned about her pension. Are there going to be enough employees to fund the pension plan to retire? Postal workers are already slated to lose their jobs within 10 years. More machines will process mail and parcels. Leaving a whisper of a former 50,000 member union and workforce behind. So what does one do when faced with unemployment or not enough money to retire?

Remain Optimistic

This all sounds rather gloomy. But, MPM is optimistic about the future. After discovering she was a MultiPod, MPM trusts her intuitions more. Ready to tackle the challenges of a shrinking job market. And better navigate the current trends in employment. MPM realizes there is no better time to listen to her inner voice that says, “You need more irons in the fire!” Keep those employment avenues open! Hone your multiple skills! Be more adaptable to rapid change!”

So what does MPM’s situation have to do with Mike Mulcey and Alt-Nomad? Everything! MPM thought Mike would be the best person to talk to about the emerging lifestyle of a digital nomad. Someone who combines travel and earning a living via the internet. MPM discussed this ever growing employment trend with Mike Mulcey. An Alt-Nomad who became “a person who takes life into their own hands and builds the future they want to live. Step-by-step. Day-by-day.”

Mike Mulcey – Co founder of Alt Nomad

MPM “Tell me about Alt-Nomad?”

Personal Blog

“My girlfriend and I launched Alt-Nomad as a personal blog in 2017 to capture some of our travel ideas and inspirations during our two-year travels around North America.” 


Mike is in the process of rebranding Alt-Nomad and is “super excited” about his plans for the site. “My intention is to infuse some of my personal passions (Renaissance biz style) and focus on writing about lifestyles where you can live and work wherever you choose, on your terms.”


Alt-Nomad’s goal is to study how much of a choice one “truly has in today’s world to pursue and do meaningful work in ways that allow you to express your authentic self.”

Mike’s mantra: Thrive in your environment!
Badlands National Park, South Dakota (2017)

Teaching Adaptability

“I intend to chronicle case studies of people who are living this way, share my own experiments and others.” Testing new ways to build skills and use them to adapt to different situations.  “It will be a fun way to learn more about living an authentic, natural, and mindful life.”

Struggles and Failures

Mike has had his struggles and failures. But feels his recent travels have made him treasure what really matters. So he can work up the courage to pursue it. 

‘Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts. It even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you. It should change you.’

– Anthony Bourdain

The Boots – Change Islands, Newfoundland

MPM “What did you want to be when you grew up?”

Fascinated with Nature

“I have always been fascinated with nature and wildlife, so I always had my sights on the sciences as a kid. For a lot of time I dreamed of being out on the water and studying great white sharks. I also went through phases of wanting to be a drummer and a film maker.”  Mike’s artistic side wanted to come out. But he never took it seriously until 5 years ago. When he embraced his Multi-Potentiality and developed his skills. 

MPM “What jobs did you do in the past?”

Ill Fated Stint

“I had an ill-fated 3 month stint at McDonalds while in high school that I really contend to this day was the most difficult job I have ever had. It taught me a lot about managing other people by seeing what not to do.” 

Corporate Life

Mike graduated with a bachelors degree in chemistry with a minor in molecular cell biology. And, went to work as an analytical chemist at a pharmaceutical company. “My first foray into corporate life. Albeit strapped to a desk in the lab for the whole day. But later upgraded to a cubicle. It felt incredible.”


But then Mike had an epiphany. And quit his lab job to work freelance in the film business. “I had no set plan apart from my first scheduled gig and I lasted a full year doing various production jobs at different places until I ran out of money.”

Back to Corporate Life

Then Mike moved to chemical R&D and manufacturing at a semi conductor material supplier. In 15 years he would work in management, strategy, sales, and marketing. Five of those years living in Japan and South Korea.

Epiphany 2

But then Mike had another epiphany and again quit his job. And now happily travels full time as an Alt-Nomad working freelance doing consulting and marketing work for his clients.

Open roadside camp site Arizona (2018)

MPM “How did you come to be a member of The Putty Tribe?”

Loved Emilie’s Perspective

“Like so many, I came across Emilie’s TED Talk, ‘Why some of us don’t have one true calling’ one day and loved her perspective on the multi-interest life.” Mike had been following Emilie Wapnick’s blog PuttyLike since 2012. But it wasn’t until he started his journey as an Alt-Nomad that he really connected with other MultiPods in The Putty Tribe.

MPM “How did you become involved with the podcast The MultiPod?”


After spending a few months in The Putty Tribe, Mike wanted to get more involved. And took the volunteer position to write up the Show Notes for The MultiPod podcast.

Show Notes

Writing the Show Notes involves listening through the episode while taking notes and then piecing together a summary for the theme of the episode and key points to highlight to potential listeners.  Key parts are the title, an intro paragraph, timestamps of topics, and a list of key takeaways you will learn in the episode.  “I’m a huge fan of the podcast medium and hope to start one myself.”  

Listen to Edisode 26 on The MultiPod podcast. Producer Ted Cragg and Gillian Semple (MPM), Guest Co-Host interview Mike Mulcey about his nomadic life travelling and negotiating the digital world for work.

MPM “Was there a particular topic, story or phrase Emilie said on her TED Talk that resonated with you? 


“When she is talking about Adaptability it reminds him of what Fast Company magazine identified as the single most important skill to develop in order to thrive in the 21st century. The economic world is changing so quickly and unpredictably that it is the individuals and organizations that can pivot in order to meet the needs of the market that are really going to thrive. The idea of adaptability has been so important to me personally and is a big part of my focus for much of what I am trying to learn and do with my life.”  

MPM “What does it mean to you to be a MultiPod?”

Da Vinci’s of the world

“For me it really has defined my life.” Since Mike was young he has always been in awe of the “Da Vinci’s of the world.” Those able to immerse themselves in science and art and develop so many unique skills.
“Growing up, I used to dabble in different things, like drawing, guitar, piano, screenwriting. But never took any formal lessons and always seemed to drop something when I had just gotten to the point of being able to create something of my own.”


Nowadays, Mike has been focussed on keeping only those hobbies and skills that he can create something with.  “For so many years I have sat on ideas and taken no action.  So I really would like to develop more of a body of work so I can learn more about myself and collaborate with others.”

Badlands National Park campsite, South Dakota (2017)

MPM “If you required a coach to assist you with planning and executing your projects, how could they assist you?”

Prioritize to prevent distraction

“This is a funny one for me.  In my corporate roles I have often found myself coaching others and I truly love helping people improve their effectiveness and realize break-throughs in their work.  I would love to be a business/strategy coach some day working with individuals.  But for myself personally I have neglected the idea entirely. Though I know that it would be really helpful. Recently I have taken strides to look into it, and its one of my goals for early 2019. I believe they could really help me prioritize my highest potential actions and help me maintain ways to prevent distraction.”

MPM “Is there a piece of music or poetry that keeps you motivated and feeling hopeful about your life and passions?”

Quotes Motivate

“Music and poetry are all around me and help give me energy on a daily basis.  But, what really motivates me are quotes.  And this is my current favorite which I have been thinking A LOT about lately.”  

‘Belonging is not fitting in. In fact, fitting in is the greatest barrier to belonging. Fitting in, I’ve discovered during the past decade of research, is assessing situations and groups of people, then twisting yourself into a human pretzel in order to get them to let you hang out with them. Belonging is something else entirely — it’s showing up and letting yourself be seen and known as you really are’

–  Brene Brown

Burlingame State Park, Rhode Island (2017)

MPM “Do you see being an Alt-Nomad or digital nomad as an emerging trend for people in the future?”


“I do, I see it as a growing awareness.  As ideas spread globally and everyone becomes even more connected, I think more people will begin to realize that they are truly not alone in their pursuits and that there are countless ways to learn and develop your skills beyond traditional schooling and corporations.  It also has amazed me that when I talk about passion or develop skills or parallel careers just about everyone has ideas of their own.”


“They may have a list of barriers or alternate ideas, or have already chosen to pursue their current path for various reasons.  But the interest is there and I really think that we are all capable of handling a lot more challenges than we allow ourselves to be exposed to.”

MPM “Can you see a MultiPod/Multipotentialite movement growing from The Putty Tribe educating young people to diversify their talents and skills in preparation for 21st century employment?”

The MultiPod”

“For sure, I think The MultiPod podcast episode about self-directed democractic education systems was amazing and it sure sounded like a dream to me. I had no idea they even existed and having a way to explore various topics while being accountable to your effort is wonderful.” 

http://multipodmotivator.com › mike-mulcey-alt-nomad
Sri Lanka Sunrise – 2018 – MPM
Create a Living

“There are so many different ways that each of us can create a living and I am excited to see the tangible ways that The Puttytribe can begin to branch out and interact with more and more people.  It’s so great to see new people joining from countries around the world and looking for those connections.  It’s such a great time where really anyone can create and launch content (book, course, blog, etc).  And some of the content like Emilie’s is so useful in really cultivating a self awareness of your talents/skills and how to develop and apply them.”

Mike Mulcey at Alt-Nomad (Digital Nomad Lifestyle Blog)

Yolk Content (Designing Blueprints for Brands and Marketing Solutions)

The Putty Tribe‘s podcast The MultiPod – Episode 26 with Ted Cragg and Episode Co Host Gillian Semple (MPM) featuring Michael Mulcey

Mike Mulcey – Co founder of Alt Nomad

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