Heather Ussery-Knight (PuttyComps #4)

Heather Ussery-Knight

Heather Ussery-Knight (Putty Comps #4) was MPM’s guest this week for The Putty Tribe’s own podcast, The MultiPod. A place to explore the wonderful world of highly creative people. And learn about their multiple interests and talents as Multipotentialites

MPM speaks with Heather Ussery-Knight

A little bit of what we discussed…

Heather Prompts

Heather used prompts to guide The Putty Tribe participants during a writing workshop on Monday, March 11th. The online session was held to inspire members to create a short story for Putty Comps #4.

For instance, What would you do if a robber dropped a bag of cash? Prompts or questions trigger the imagination and get the creative juices flowing. And that is exactly what Heather wants to inspire in EVERYONE in The Putty Tribe.


Members are invited to collaborate on a project featuring their collective work for PuttyComps #4. Where this time the focus is on writing short stories. Former compilations: Volume #1 (Comics), Volume #2 (Love Poems), Volume #3 (Mix-tape Music).

Street Art Santiago, Chile
Inner Critics

During the workshop, Heather covered the ever-present and common issue of inner critics. While also, providing tools to overcome writing blocks. And, learning to get out of our own way. She explained, “They (inner critics) are just trying their best for us. But in their eagerness to help, they have a bad habit of getting in the way and running ramshackle over our creativity and motivation.”

No masterpiece required

“As we have said in other PuttyComps, this does NOT have to be a masterpiece. This is for you, for us, for play! Come join us!”, she reminded.


Why do we write?

Is it to be fully alive and express our creativity? (Sir Ken Robinson)

Is it pure egoism? (George Orwell)

Do we write to change the world?

Do we write to find and bring meaning into the world? (Victor Frankl)



But, no matter the reason. Heather encourages all The Putty Tribe members to send fully edited submissions to letravaildevie@yahoo.com no later than 11:59 pm PDT on March 31st. Subject line “Puttycomps 4 – My Story”. She is excited to see what comes busting forth from the amazing creative people of The PuttyTribe. Submit your stories before the deadline.

Heather’s Submission Criteria

Short Stories!

This medium is for EVERYONE! Heather said, “You really don’t have to be Clive Barker or an Ernest Hemingway to write a short story. Do you have an idea? Do you know how to form words into sentences? Then YOU can write a short story!”



Heather said, “There isn’t one! There are ALL kinds of short stories to write!”

  • Biographical
  • Autobiographical
  • General & historical nonfiction & science-fiction
  • Fantasy & zombie/apocalypse
  • Young adult & children’s stories
Make your own Theme

Setting a theme might limit the story that’s waiting within you from emerging. Develop a theme unique to your storytelling. So, go forth and write! And if you are experiencing writer’s block. Heather is happy to give you resources and ideas to “spark your brain back into writerly juiciness.” 



Something Heather loathes to set. “A short story could be one sentence. I love you! Can be a very interesting and complete story compared to many pages. But we aren’t writing novellas, so you might want to consider setting a reasonable limit for yourself”, she said.



Email fully edited work in a .pdf file to letravaildevie@yahoo.com with the subject line “Puttycomps 4 – My Story” by 11:59 pm PDT on March 31, 2019.

Note: If the story is specifically formatted, please send your story as a file versus inline text in the email. (Contact her if you encounter any issues). Double to single spacing may be subject to edit unless the author specifies the story be double spaced. 


Compilation Format

Short stories published into a PDF “book” and an .epub format for digital nerds!

But, don’t let all this technical jargon discourage you. She is available to “cheerlead, support and answer all your questions to help tame those pesky inner critics and writer’s blocks.”

Heather Ussery-Knight

Heather Ussery-Knight is a MultiPod and member of The PuttyTribe. She was born in Norway. But now lives in the Bay area, California with her specialist husband, three parrots, and a hamster. 

Her website lizarddreaming.com explores creativity through symbolism. Heather’s interests include writing, singing, Martial Arts (Systema), playing and writing about video games, photography, metal-smithing, 3-D Printing, knitting, quilting, paper making, book binding, and scuba Diving. She also studies Integral & AQAL Theory (Ken Wilber).

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