Ring Effect’s Secret Weapon

Jocelyn Ring is a “visual facilitator”, strategy consultant, and leadership coach at The Ring Effect. She brings to the table her expertise and skills gleaned from teaching art to investment banking on Wall Street. Developing effective marketing and communications strategies to enhance her client’s brands. 

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Jocelyn Ring Horse Heart
Secret Weapon

However, she has a secret weapon. A treasure trove of knowledge she’s learned from the age of 4 working with horses and as a Vet’s assistant to competing in equestrian events.

Greatest Teachers

Today, horses remain her greatest teachers. Teaching Jocelyn about communication, partnership, dedication, hard work, perseverance, and leadership. All lessons that make up Jocelyn Ring’s secret weapon at The Ring Effect. Multi-faceted solutions she offers to her clients to help them achieve their personal goals and grow their businesses.

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Jocelyn and Jackie

MPM “What have horses taught you?”


“You can’t speak to a horse, like you can to a person. You read their body language and energy. And, you have to respect what they do and do not like–by paying attention to subtle signals, and respecting them.”

Partnership and Connection 

“There’s nothing quite like soaring over huge obstacles on horseback. I’ve been lucky to have horses that have really loved to jump.”

Hard Work and Dedication

“I didn’t have horses of my own growing up, but I shovelled plenty of horse poop around the barn to be able to ride. I also cared for many horses, headed out to the barn on weekends at 3AM to get ready for competitions–rain, sun or freezing temps.” 


“When you fall off, you get back on. Horses taught me that sometimes despite your best efforts and all your hard work, things won’t go your way, but you keep going. And, when you’re trying to work with a horse and it’s not going well, you have to try other things. Redefine and re-evaluate “success” constantly from day to day or from horse to horse. Sometimes, you have to know when to quit for the day, and try again tomorrow.” 


“As a competitive equestrian, some of the training was about force and control over the horse. Since I’ve learned other ways of being in partnership with horses, it has given me new perspectives on horses and relationships with people.”

Owning your Strengths

“It has redefined what leadership means to me–it’s not about dominance, alphas and type-As, but rather owning your strengths and leading in your unique way. It’s also about empowering that in others and letting the right person step up for the right opportunity. Horses don’t have egos or agendas, but they do have a common goal of the greater good for the herd.” 

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MPM “What did you want to be when you grew up?” 

“A jockey or an artist. I was obsessed with horses and my earliest notion of a profession with horses was to be a jockey…probably from books and films like National Velvet or The Black Stallion. Also a prolific doodler and would have been open to a career as an artist…that drew horses. And, I also had a period where I wanted to be “an inventor” or a “fix-it person” because I loved figuring out how things worked. I was the resident handy person in our house from a very young age.” 

MPM “How did you become a member of The Putty Tribe?”

“I watched Emilie Wapnick’s TED Talk ‘Why some of us don’t have one true calling’ many times and have sent it to dozens of people so they could take heart in their curious nature and varied interests and careers. I joined The Putty Tribe to meet like minded people and learn about how they’ve taken their multipotentialite-ness out into the world.”

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Facilitator’s Markers

MPM “What part resonated with you?”

“All of it!” Jocelyn could have copied and pasted the entire transcript. But here are some MultiPod behaviours that resonated with her.

Diving In

Jocelyn recognized the same pattern of behaviour Emilie described. Becoming interested in an area. Diving in and being all consumed. Only to lose interest and move on to the next passion. Only to repeat the cycle again and again.


Jocelyn understood the anxiety associated with trying to turn her interests into a career. Fearing one day she would have to pick one interest and deny all her other passions. 


And like most MultiPods, Jocelyn struggled with the feeling there was something wrong with her. She couldn’t stick to one thing or have one career. Jocelyn felt like a flake even though she was a hard worker and committed to learning and high achieving. 

Appreciated Herself

But, after listening to Emilie, Jocelyn appreciated herself more. It was okay to be the person who was interested in many things. And there was nothing wrong with moving on when she had learned or spent enough time on that subject. MultiPods are just wired that way. 

Strength = Adaptability – Idea Synthesis – Rapid Learning 

Jocelyn has worked as a consultant learning from a variety of businesses and industries. Her great strength is combining her acute listening skills, connecting unrelated ideas, and research to tailor make unique solutions to fit her clients needs.

“I’m also helpful where calm, quiet energy and patience is required since I don’t get rattled by the unknown. This has helped me find my place with the specialists.” 

Jocelyn feels empowered by her ability to adapt to changing conditions, synthesize and develop ideas and be a quick learner. Strengths she has in her arsenal and offers to the specialists she works with. “I’ve learned that I’m their secret weapon!” 

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MPM “What does it mean to you to be a MultiPod?”

“It means having different interests and pursuits. It means being curious and wanting to learn new things. Being OK with not “mastering” something. It’s OK to dabble…that variety of experiences and skills is its own powerful formula.”

I’m not in this world 
To live up to your expectations 
Neither are you here to live up to mine, yeah
I don’t owe no one 
No obligation 

I am that I am – Peter Tosh

MPM “Why is art a passion?”

“It’s one of the best ways I feel I can communicate. Written and spoken words are secondary. Art is so emotional. You can capture the essence of someone, something or an idea in the art you create. I pursue it because it’s a place for curiosity and experimentation. It’s a place where I like learning and seek out critiques which makes it easier to seek that out in other areas.”

I heard the purpose of life’s to live a life full of purpose

And so don’t ever take for granted what the spirit has given you

Michael Franti – Once A Day

MPM “Can you see a MultiPod/Multipotentialite movement growing from The Putty Tribe educating young people to diversify their talents and skills in preparation for 21st century employment?”

“I sure hope so! Education has been the same for over a century, but our minds and skill sets are vastly different. While we will always need specialists, there should be a way to encourage those who lean towards multipotentialite-ness to develop their skills, talents and ways of being.”

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From a young age, Jocelyn sensed she had a special bond with horses. And throughout her partnership with them she’s always felt “calm, grounded and at home in their presence.“It’s been a win-win-win. The one area where I can’t learn enough…the one constant in my life.”

Personal Passion

Working with horses fulfilled a personal passion. But, her experiences taught in the stable and equestrian ring enabled her to become a more effective communicator with people and her clients.
And in recognizing her own strengths she found a hidden skill. The ability to amplify the strengths, uniqueness, and talents of other people. 

All part and parcel of the secret weapon Jocelyn Ring at The Ring Effect brings to the table. The multi-passionate entrepreneur that weaves her lifelong love of horses together with “truly meaningful work.” 

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The Secret Weapon in the Classroom – Jocelyn Ring

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