Tina (Kat) Courtney Shamanic Coach and Polymath says, “There’s life before Ayahuasca, and life after.”


Tina (Kat) Courtney Shamanic Coach/Polymath

Tina (Kat) Courtney Shamanic Coach and Polymath at Afterlife.Coach says, “There’s life before Ayahuasca, and life after.” 12 years ago in a space of turmoil and spiritual awakening, Kat discovered Ayahuasca the South American plant medicine used for thousands of years by indigenous people. And in allowing the “medicine” (Ayahuasca) to heal her own spiritual pain, she became aware of the darkness other people go through understanding the process as part of our human evolution. Her own personal experiences with “the medicine” called her to devote her life to learning about its healing properties. Since her years as a shaman’s apprentice, Kat has participating in 1000+ ceremonies and has become a voice for Ayahuasca through her online coaching business. Tina (Kat) Courtney the Afterlife.Coach provides emotional support for the terminally ill and helps people integrate back into their daily lives after a spiritual awakening from the psychedelic brew Ayahuasca. 

“Can you explain what Ayahuasca is?” MPM

“It’s a super powerful psychotropic tea composed of two plants. Chacruna which has the DMT spiritual consciousness expander that shows the stories, the patterns and gives us the opps to do the work”, Kat said. She believes Ayahuasca trumps all other plant medicines taking us deeper into ourselves, our ego, and out of our emotions. She also said it was important to drink the “medicine” with an open mind so the medicine can release the “stuff” that is holding someone back from achieving all that they want in their lives. They have to be willing to put in the work “not talking it but walking it”. I am so immensely honored to be in constant service to this incredible, world-changing plant spirit”, Kat said.

She explained that a ceremonial space is created and controlled by the shamans to keep participants safe to allow emotional work to begin. The shaman will sing healing songs attuned to the participant’s vibration to maximize the shadow work of looking at unpleasant aspects of ourselves. Ayahausca gets deep into your soul to release repressed emotions conscious and unconscious. And at the end of the process, you might just find out you’re a “Super Hero”, she said laughing.

“How long have you been coaching?”MPM

“I think I came into the world with an intuitive calling to coach and mentor myself and others, but officially, I owned it as a job title about 3 years ago; this came after years and years of coaching for free, and finally getting the courage to request an energy exchange and own that this is who I am.”, said Kat. Writing, psychology/sociology, communication and relationships were amongst her interests. “And a neurologist. I have always been fascinated by the brain!”, Kat adds.

“What jobs did you do in the past?” MPM

“Assistant food designer for TV commercials and movie sets, video game producer for Disney, producer for the first multi-player game with sex, online poker producer, co-owner of a digital marketing agency, spiritual life coach, and now an Ayahuasca shaman”, she breathed out. 


Tina (Kat) Courtney

“How did you discover you were a MultiPod (Polymath)?” MPM

“Just discovered it through the amazing Gillian Semple (MPM)!”, Kat said.

“Did Emilie Wapnick’s TED Talk, ‘Why some of us don’t have a true calling!’, resonate with you?” MPM

“As you can see from the varied and dynamic list of jobs above, I have never been able to focus and feel singular in my calling. I deeply resonate and adore the celebration of being a Multipod.” But she preferred to use the term polymath to describe her MultiPod self. The “one who is good at many things” gets to “own and celebrate” her diversity and polarizing interests, “rather than be defined as scattered and inconsistent”, Kat said. 

‘A foolish consistency is the hobglobin of little minds.” 


“Is there a job or interest you haven’t pursued yet?” MPM

“Being an author with scads of books. It’s been my dream since I was a wee one, and it’s the only big bucket list vocation I have yet to fulfill.”, Kat says. 


MPM’s Ayahuasca Tattoo (Robyn Lee Seven Crowns Tattoo)

“What got in the way of writing?” MPM

“Had a heart-breaking experience with a publishing company that traumatized me and brought in a boatload of bitterness. That, along with the fight I’ve had with my muse through the years, has left me with a lot of profound lessons, but no published books”, Kat confided.

“Now that you are a newly discovered MultiPod (Polymath), if you required a coach to assist you with planning and executing your projects, how could they assist you?” MPM

Kat instantly replied, “Helping me identify and heal the pain associated with my writing muse, and give me the motivating container to help create and manifest the authorship that I know my soul desires.” It’s the one relationship that has been a beautiful struggle for Kat. 

“Can you expand on the conflict you have with yourself and your writing muse?” MPM

Kat said, “I have found that when I try to write out of a space of “have to” – a disciplined requirement to write – my muse runs away. I have to invite her in with a feminine energy, ask her to merge with me, instead of chasing her down. When I receive her energies rather than insist on having them, magic ensues.” Kat’s writing becomes fluid for prolific periods of time and the “words flow through her from some divine source.” But she also feels “periods of aching blockages and has tried to beat down the door to her muse. “She doesn’t answer until I surrender back in to trust and gratitude. It’s been a wild lesson to own and integrate”, Kat laughs. 

Can you see a MultiPod/Multipotentialite movement growing from The Putty Tribe educating young people to diversify their talents and skills in preparation for 21st century employment?

“Of course! It’s so absolutely essential to foster our polymath capabilities, as the world doesn’t need a bunch of singular focused beings anymore” she said. 

“As a Coach, how can you help a MultiPod struggling with a multitude of projects or goals?” MPM

Kat first coaches herself to release the burden of urgency that everything has to be done now, now, now before helping her clients. “When you operate as a Multipod, it can be so tempting to fall into the space of overwhelm. It first feels necessary to create some level of structure to identify priorities”, Kat explains. Tapping into her intuition maintains her focus when she working on a creative project or relationship building. “The trick here is to stay present with what we feel drawn to, and to not be seduced into thinking we have to do it …all the time. And as counter-intuitive as this may sound, I advocate…polymaths …have a balance of doing nothing”, she says. “We are so inspired to create so much in the world, we need to balance all that productivity with the space of being. Doing nothing helps recharge us to do more of everything. Balance is the key”, Kat emphasizes.

“As the Afterlife.Coach, how could you teach balance to a MultiPod? MPM

“I look for the lack of balance; the areas of the person’s life that feel like they are in breakdown. Those shadowy places give us all the information we need about balance – we find where we lack it, and go there with the light of consciousness. The shadow reveals everything we need to know about how to love ourselves more. Self-love creates balance, because we stop wanting to self-destruct. So I work with each individual around seeing what is hidden”, Kat finishes.

“What are the benefits of people living a balanced life? MPM

“Hah! Where are there not benefits to being in balance? A balanced life means saying yes to everything that consciousness brings. We can say yes to our breakdowns and our breakthroughs, and know they dance together. Which means we can be content with whatever life brings. That is the ultimate space of freedom,” Kat says smiling.

“Do your client’s have similar complaints about their lives?”

“Yes. Most people want clarity around what their soul’s purpose is, which means they want to be fully connected with their soul. That’s what I perceive is the big task we humans are doing – cutting through the clutter and finding our true selves. Once we connect with our souls, we know what job we are here to do, what people we are most connected to. When you know who you are, there are no more questions”, Kat said.


Chacruna leaves and Ayahuasca vine

“In what ways is the Afterlife.Coach making a difference in people’s lives?”

“I am so blessed to have cracked the code that being of service is the most selfishly gratifying way to live. Since I work in Ayahuasca ceremonies every single week, and help people process their profound life experiences, I get to hold space for miracles every single day. At the core foundation, all I do is provide unconditional love and safety. But as my teacher Tim Freke says, ‘A heart assured of safety opens instantly’. It becomes the greatest job in the world to give people the tools and freedom to transform their lives. I am unbelievably fortunate to do this work”, she said. Tina (Kat) Courtney, the AfterLife.Coach living proof of leading a life before Ayahuasca, and a life after.” 

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